Unable to export other user checklists

It appears that the new edition of the site has removed the ability to export the checklist of any user other than your own. I wonder if this is an intentional design decision or an oversight?

Unfortunately, this change is intentional. That you were able to download a CSV with a user’s check history was a bug in our code.

We will be removing some of the limits on our free accounts though, but export will remain for paying users only.

Thanks for responding. As you are seeking feedback for the beta, I’d like to say that the ability to export the checklists of friends was very useful for comparing which movies we’d seen /not seen. This was in fact one of the main draws to your site for a number of us, and so it’s a great shame to learn that it was a bug all along

I would like to mirror Haesar here. This is really disappointing. It was a useful way for me to compare lists with my friends. I hope you consider reinstating this feature for top tier accounts.

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You guys know there’s a comparison page on site, right? It shows you what checks you and another user have in common, what you’ve seen that they haven’t, and vice versa, as well as comparisons for specific lists. It can be sorted too.

Yes I know about that, but it does not quite do what I want. For example I like to take several of my friends, download our lists and compare it to some of the popular toplists (and I combine certain toplists) to find movies that we have all not seen. Some other things too, but you get the idea.

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