What happened to the checks?


With the new and updated lists yesterday, I lost at least 60 official checks. That’s never come close to happening before. I usually gain, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a few. I see a few others around me who have had the same rough impact. I guess nothing is broken, just the way it worked out. But wow - new and updated lists that strip me of 60+ checks? That’s a pretty screwy update.


WalterNeff lost more than 200 checks so 60 is not even that much. :wink:
Losing checks is caused by the removal of the old Western list and the update of More Noirs from TSPDT into TSPDT 1000 Essential Noirs. Especially the last one resulted in a lot of movies losing official status, so apparently you had quite a few checks there.


Yes, as another heavy ‘Noir’ user, I lost over 100 ticks, and dropped 3 places (and dropped to another page)(a friend lost around 100, and dropped 6 places) which feels a tad galling I guess this is partly explains why we feel a bit upset when someone (seemingly) appears from nowhere with several thousand ticks a day and sweeps int the top 2 or 3 pages - or steadily, but relentlessly slides up the tables knocking off 2 hour movies every hour, all day. But I guess we should extend tolerance … when I first started, I too shot up from next to nothing into the top 500 over a period of weeks as I tracked down and ticked (from print edition list books) what I had seen over the past few years.