2 Movies: details present in IMDB but not in ICM list yet

Please pardon me if I have made a mistake, since I am rather new here. I recently watched two movies on Netflix, both of which have their details in IMDB, but somehow not in ICM. Could someone please point me at how to add movies to ICM?

The movies are:

  1. Kung Fu Killer (2014) a.k.a. Yi ge ren de wu lin [IMDB link here]
  2. The Saint (2017) [IMDB link here]

Thanks in advance for your help!


Both of these movies are on icm.

If you have trouble finding a movie (I know I do sometimes when a title brings up a ton of results) searching by imdb url or id also works.

To answer your question, though, you can add movies by following the link under the movies menu:

Which leads here: https://beta.icheckmovies.com/import/movies/

Thank you so very much. Most kind of you. When I searched for ‘Kung Fu killer’ in the top right search bar, a 2008 movie showed up, and I didn’t immediately recognize the Chinese name (next in the list). My bad. And when I searched for ‘The Saint’, the new 2017 movie did not show up for me at all in the drop-down list. I have a screenshot:

May be some setting I am missing. Anyway, thank you for showing me how to add new movies if necessary.

The Best of Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year to you.

iCM’s search engine is not the best when it comes to commonly used words like “The Saint”. Try searching for Fritz Lang’s movie called “M”. Only way to find such movies are with IMDb-tt-code.

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