Ability to hide lists on main progress page


Here’s a link to an existing discussion on this idea of mine, and was asked to post it here too, to alert Marijn to it.


@Marijn: I don’t know if this is hard to implement, but I think it is a nice idea and many users might like to use it.

I think it could result in a little “hide”-button on the progress page for each list. After clicking that, you won’t see it anymore on that page. It would need a button on top of the page that says “show hidden lists”, so you can see them again and “unhide” them.


Sounds great, I’ll add it to the list


Thank you @Marijn. Is there a way to follow the List and see where you’re holding?


You mean my list with tasks for iCM?


I think that’s what he means indeed.


Yes. :sunglasses:


A high level view of my progress on the beta is on our Trello board: https://trello.com/b/qaYhdlKd/icheckmovies

I’ve logged your feedback as “Ability to hide lists or separate tab for official lists you follow” on this card: https://trello.com/c/Rdj77CfD/715-progress

I’ve logged it with this name, because I’m not yet sure on how to implement this. It might be even more usable if we create a separate tab for lists you follow (on the current version this is called your lists watchlist) instead of the ability to hide lists. But I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing those trello board links.

I’m interested in a way to work backwards, that is, have all the official lists available to me, and then I choose which ones to not have to see on the main progress page. I don’t think I need a separate tab, as I don’t really follow the iCM lists of non-official titles all that much. I use IMDB for that, at this time, and it works very well for me.

The main issue I have is that the top official lists, sorted by closest award are full of titles I’m not interested or able to watch at this time. I use the “thumbs down” notification, without checking them, for each title to let me know which ones to ignore, when I’m looking for the next available title to watch.