Arts & Faith source link dead

The “source” link from , , is dead. The correct link can probably be found somewhere under

I updated the sourcelink (in the description) to this:

Interesting that you posted a link to the forum, because I see they had polls every year, but it seems they’ve been about different subject. However, they just started nominations for a new top 100 and in the Nominations topic they are referring to the 2011 list as the previous edition. So I guess the list will be updated next month.

Ohh, good find. Yeah, looks like the lists since 2011 were only 25 films long, so this is the first update to their Top 100 since 2011.

Thanks for posting this @thyron !

@joachimt : This is the post/thread that revealed the Top 100 in 2011:
Interestingly, they had a rule last time that a director could only appear on the list a maximum of three times.