Award Weirdness

Hi. First of all, let me say that I love the site. This is a minor issue, but I haven’t encountered it before, so I thought it was worth bringing to your attention.

On January 31st I watched my 56th film on the Golden Foundation of Czech and Slovak Cinema list. As this list comprises 112 titles, that film took me exactly up to the 50% mark, and I received a notification that I had received the bronze award. This took me up to 198 awards.

However, a couple of days later I was notified that I had lost my bronze award for this list. I checked to see if the list had been updated or expanded, but there were no changes. The list still shows that I’ve seen 56 out of 112 films, and this is reflected on the Progress page. On my Dashboard, it still says that I have 198 awards.

But when I go to the Awards page, while the page tab shows 198, the lower tab states I’ve only got 197 (10 Platinum + 42 Gold + 45 Silver + 100 Bronze). There’s also no award icon for this list on my awards shelf.

I hope to watch another film from this list in the coming days, so perhaps the award will be restored to me when I check the next title. I’ll update you if the matter resolves itself.

Thanks for your attention

Hey Jamiku. There are a few lists that behave weirdly like this, where awards are either not granted when hitting exactly 50% or they are granted and then lost shortly thereafter. We don’t know what the cause it, though it’s an issue Marijn is aware of.

The temporary workaround solution is to watch 50%+1 (or 75%+1, 90%+1 for Silver and Gold), as that should prevent awards from disappearing if they’re on the cusp of eligibility.

Hi Fergenaprido!

Thanks for the quick reply, and the explanation.

I will certainly be watching more films from this list, so this issue won’t be a problem for long.

All the best!

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I had the exact thing happen with the Czech list about four months ago. I finally saw another film from the list just eight days ago and regained my Bronze.

Hi Ebbywebby. Thanks for your contribution.

I’ve regained my bronze award as well now. I wonder if the same thing will happen when we hit silver.

All the best!