Awards Count Inaccurate

Should be fixed :slight_smile:

Indeed it is. Thank you!

Hi, I’m having a similar issue. My awards on my profile page shows as 43 whereas I onyl have 29 awards.

I’ve fixed the count for you :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m having the same issue for some weeks ago.


Same issue for me again. I think you have a bug in your code. You should fix it instead of fixing everyone’s separately.

I have this too. 55 actual awards but it says 56 on my profile page.

This issue is actually affecting hundreds of users, many of them inactive. Consider the profile of benjapin, owner of 31 bronze and 4 silver awards as of July 24, 2019, a total of 35. Yet for whatever reason, his official award total is 138. Perhaps he did own 138 awards one day, but after a lengthy period of inactivity (in his case 7 years) the lists changed and his award total dwindled.

I also reviewed the profiles of the top 500 users as ranked by awards. Of those 500, 42 (8.4%) chose not to share their awards, but of the 458 profiles I viewed, I found that 170 (37.1%) had incorrect totals. Projecting from that, this bug could potentially affect thousands of accounts.

The users I mentioned all have 2 award totals in their profile, one correct and one incorrect. But the official rankings use the incorrect one. So in a very real way this bug affects everyone.

My profile has now joined this list. At the time of my last post all was correct with my Awards page, the “All” tab and the “Awards” tab both had matching “(106)” totals. Then 9 days ago I checked “Ekstase”, which was my 55th check on the Tim Dirks’ Most Controversial Films of All-Time list. I was immediately sent an email dated July 29 that the bronze award for that list had been credited to me, and my Awards page correctly showed the new (107) total in both tabs.

Since that time, the Tim Dirks list has not changed and I have not added or removed any checks from that list. To this day, it still shows I have 55 of 110 titles checked. The Top Lists Update email from August 2nd confirms that nothing on the official list changed. However, as soon as that email came out I also received an Awards Update email telling me I had lost the Controversial award. Ever since, my Awards page has shown “Awards (107)” and “All (106)”. The Bronze tab, which used to read “(39)”, now says “(38)” and does not show the avatar for the Dirks award.


same issue for me. At the topbar says 47 awards, while down it says 12.

My awards page is back in sync now, but only because I checked the 56th item on the list, not because anything was fixed.

But that’s beside the point. It looks like we’re dealing with at least a couple of bugs:

  1. the twice-weekly award updates are not necessarily recognizing the instantaneous award updates, sometimes rolling them back, and
  2. there is no sync of the “Award” and “All” tabs, or at least it is possible to have the link broken permanently.

As far as our individual profiles go, these bugs are just a minor annoyance. But they also make the ranking of users by awards next to meaningless. So if you care about rankings, these bugs should make any developer’s short list.

The user profile I mentioned back in July has “earned” 7 new awards since then despite no activity, and the award totals continue to diverge.


Through some more investigation I have discovered Benjapin’s dormant profile hasn’t earned new awards, it’s re-earning old awards. 19 weeks ago he got a notice that he “gained an award for list IMDb’s 2000s Top 50”, 18 weeks ago it was IMDb Crime, 14 weeks ago it was IMDb Family, two months ago it was IMDb 1980s and Best of Rotten Tomatoes, one month ago it was IMDb War, and last week it was IMDb Mystery. On all of these lists he currently sits within 3 checks of the Bronze threshold, and he has probably been gaining and losing these awards for years.

The code behind the “All” tab has handled this correctly. The Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tabs all currently show the correct awards Benjapin has earned based on his 930 checks, and there are no duplicate avatars. The number of avatars on each tab matches the total in each tab header, and the “All” total matches the sum of the other 4 tabs. But for whatever reason the “Awards” tab is getting passed all the increments and none of the decrements.

While this sheds more light on the sync problem, it is not everything. For instance, in my case I “lost” an award despite no updates to the list in question. Perhaps there’s also a timing issue, or perhaps something with rounding (like if my percent complete was stored as 50% in one place but 49.999999% somewhere else).

It has now been a year since I originally posted about the profile benjapin, who at the time had 35 awards on his All tab and 138 on the Awards tab. Since that time, the disparity has ballooned:

At this rate, by July 2021 benjapin will have more awards than official lists.

This is not an isolated case. Of the top 500 profiles ranked by awards, over 150 don’t belong there. While the results of this bug are most common among dormant profiles, there are some active ones that display the same behavior (like users “auxt” and “codespoti”).

Please note these users have done nothing wrong, it is the website itself generating the phantom awards.

Guess who is now checking in at #22 among all users as ranked by awards? That’s right, it’s your friendly neighborhood benjapin with 185. The latest projection has him becoming #1 early in 2023, then (not long after that) accumulating more awards than there are official lists.

But I didn’t want him to have all the fun, so last year I created a fake profile called “Award Genie”. It was created specifically to test my theory about bogus awards, and it has worked BRILLIANTLY. On the basis of less than 500 checks, this largely dormant profile “earns” an award (on average) every 4 days. At the current pace, Award Genie should beat benjapin to the top spot by a few months. Keep your fingers crossed!

Or, maybe just fix it.

Somehow I hadn’t seen your last 3 posts in this thread before. I wonder if @Marijn has.

Would you mind PMing me your theory? I understand the general idea of what’s going wrong but there’s a piece I’m missing.

I’m sorry, I’m not following…

I’ll explain elsewhere.

see Paul Day's awards -

Total awards = 189, actual total is 54


Maybe we could hand fixing the (only?) 2 above 214 :slight_smile:
sinapsis @ 219
videographico @ 220