Beta not working on all pages, doesn't see I'm logged in?

Kind of a two-part bug.

When I go to the homepage (beta.icheckmovies), it gives me the “this page has not yet been ported” page.

When I go to the movies tab, that page shows up, but says I’m not logged in. When I click to login again, it goes to the “not ported” page, which does show I’m logged in. ETA: I clicked around a bit more, and it seems it only shows me as not logged in on the “all movies” page, so I assume it’s an issue there? When I’m in “unckecked” or “checked”, etc, I am logged in there.

I thought it might be me, so I cleared my cache/cookies, restarted the browser and whatnot, and it’s still doing the same thing.

Everything works fine on the non-beta side, so I assume it’s just a bug with that. If it is something I can fix myself, please let me know. I like using the beta version better, haha.


I can explain why it’s only on the /movies page and not the rest: The ‘All movies’ page on the beta uses our new backend and authentication, the rest does not.

It is strange though as to why this problem occurs. The new system can use the old login cookie to authenticate, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Although this has been tested thoroughly, it’s possible that it fails the first time. But every time I’ve tested this, a refresh of the page fixed it. So I’m not sure what’s causing this…

Is it possible for you to send me the cookies before and after you refresh the page? There should at least be two: PHPSESSID and icm_session

I’d be happy to send those to you, but I’m not really sure where to find them. I found Chrome’s cookie file, but not sure where the individual ones are located.

You can use F12 in Chrome to open the developer console. In this console, there is a tab ‘Application’. Click it and expand ‘Cookies’ and click on our URL. You’ll see a list of cookies, but I’ll only need the ones named PHPSESSID and icm_session. Copy the contents and send them to me in a PM. Thanks!