Can't see profile or awards


I signed up about 2 days ago and still cannot go to my profile without the page freezing, and none of my awards have shown up yet. Is this normal or is my profile glitched?


First of all, welcome to iCheckMovies!

Good of you to come here. This shouldn’t happen indeed. When I click on your profile page, I’ve got the same problem. The weird thing is, your page of awards and favorited movies load without a problem:
In the list of all users sorted by checks, you’re listed as well (page 2, 6th from the top)
It says you’ve got 0 toplists checks. Those are checks that are on official iCM-toplists. The 0 is probably because the toplists-checks haven’t updated since you joined iCM, because that only happens a few times a week or so.
Can you see your progress here?
These are the official toplists and you should see your completion-rate of those lists.

I suggest to wait a few days until the toplists-checks have updated. You should receive awards then as well. If your checks don’t update then, there’s a problem.

One last question, how did you import your checks? Did you use the export-file from your IMDb-ratings?


I don’t know what the issue is, but I’d also ask, did you change any settings or add any info to your profile: It’s unlikely but perhaps something in there is causing an issue? @Marijn is the only one who can look into things on the technical side, hopefully he sees this soon.


Thanks for the reply joachimt, glad to be here and I’m loving the site so far. I can get to my awards, favorites & progress with no problems. I do have some official lists completed, but like you say I will just be patient and wait them to be updated weekly. And yes I’m a top 1000 voter on IMDb with 16,000 ratings and I imported that entire file.


Thanks for the reply PeacefulAnarchy. I added a link to my letterboxd account in the website portion of my settings, but I have since removed it and nothing has changed sadly.


Yeah a letterboxd link shouldn’t be an issue, but you never know. I can’t help with the profile, but at least your progress page works and your awards have updated, so you should be able to use the site until whatever went wrong with your profile gets fixed.


I’m looking into it, but haven’t seen this issue before. Hopefully I’ll get it fixed soon. Sorry for the troubles :worried:


Awesome thank you Marijn. It’s not trouble man I love the site so far. I can check movies and get awards so to be honest not having a profile isn’t a big deal. I did import a list of 16k ratings from IMDb (lots of individual tv episodes) so that may have glitched my profile. I just wish I could export a rating file from IMDb that excluded the 11k TV episodes I have rated.


That can’t be the problem. You’re not the first with such amounts of ratings to import.


Actually, that is the problem, the activity stream on your profile is causing this. Your profile page hits the memory limits on the app server. The app server tries to combine all entries in the activity stream by type within a specific timeframe, so all recent checks, favorites, etc get combined and that’s causing out of memory errors.

This should resolve itself in a few days. The new version of the site will not have this issue.


Weird, imToad is not the only one with +15k ratings. I would expect some of those other big-checkers would have caused this problem in the past already.


I think some of them have, but once they check newer movies they fall off the recent activity. There have been one or two inaccessible profiles before, but they were obvious cheaters so we never bothered to look further. I thought it might have been something like that, but since I saw imToad had checked a few more movies recently I thought those would have resolved the issue since I was thinking of the Recent Checks box rather than the activity feed.


The issue seems to be fixed now and I can see my profile and awards.

Thanks to everyone who replied!