Cheats never prosper

Cheaters really turn me off this site, the object is to check movies that you have actually seen not just go through lists checking off movies. One particular user couldn’t of possibly seen the amount of movies they check off, laughable

There are some users who appear suspicious but who we believe may be legitimate and give the benefit of the doubt. Those who do not clear that threshold are removed. If you believe there’s a cheater we have not noticed feel free to either PM a mod or use the ICM contact form and we’ll look into it. It’s worth noting that there may be times where we, as a site, give users the benefit of the doubt even if some of us, as individuals, share your view that they are very likely cheaters.


There’s no prize for checking anything off, so don’t let them bother you, just use the site for what works for you. For me, it’s keeping track of what movies I’ve seen and looking into some options for a genre I might feel like watching on a particular evening I haven’t seen before.

Thanks Enyalois.I have given up on them anyway
Its clear to me that they are cheating so if that makes them feel better then so be it. I watch allsorts myself especially ones not on any official toplists so yeah just concentrating on myself now.