Checking a movie frequently fails with 400 bad request

About 50% of the time I try to check a movie, nothing happens. Looking in the developer console, however, I can see the error:

POST 400 (Bad Request)

This makes the site almost unusable, unfortunately.

Sometimes cookies get messed up. Could you try to clear all cookies for the site and see if you still have this issue?

Hi - I’ve tried clearing my cookies, logging in again, and the problem persists. To double-check, I tried logging in in an incognito window, and still have the same problem. In case they’re in any way linked, there are some other errors in the console before that:

I’m sorry, but this isn’t something we can fix. It seems like your browser is blocking jQuery from loading. jQuery is needed to handle the check button (and more) on the current version.

You could try using the beta, because jQuery is not used there.