Formula for iCheckMovies's 2020s Decade Lists

I really like the new iCheckMovies decades list. Could you publish the formula with which they are calculated, maybe in the FAQ?

I think the formula was originally (favs^1.3)/(checks+50), but it probably got modified at some point. Because if I apply this formula to the 2010s and the 2020s, the results are similar to the offical lists, but there would be some changes in position (and not only because some checks and a fav that happened recently).

The formula is (favs^1.15)/(checks+50). The mods compared several versions of the list with different exponents, and decided to go with 1.15 instead of 1.3.

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Thanks, that explains it. Can you write it into the FAQs? People may wonder, for instance, why the No 1 film of the 2010s (Inception) is not in the list of the 250 “most favorited” films

I think one of the mods is planning to update the list descriptions for the new decade lists, so I assume they’ll mention the formula in the description, but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen.

That’s me. I wasn’t planning to including the formula, but I can add that with the descriptions, not a problem. Hopefully some time this month.

I still think the FAQ may be a good place. In the description, it may be confusing for people, and in the FAQ there is already a good explanation of the formula for “How are the most favorite movies calculated?”.

The 1910’s list includes two confidential entries with just 2 and 5 checks.
I think a minimum number of checks should also be factored in.

We discussed this but didn’t come to a consensus about it. I think some people said something like: I prefer to see a movie with 4 favs out of 8 checks enter the list instead of 2 favs out of 20 checks. I’m still in favor of a threshold. I’ll reopen the discussion with the other mods.

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Btw, at the moment there’s only two movies left which don’t seem to be easily available. Currently at #90 and #99 on the 1910s list. They used to be higher and there was another movie before as well. So maybe they will naturally fall off once the list progresses.

Well the handful of checks on those two may or may not be legit… :wink:

But more importantly: with so little favs I don’t think we can say these films are standing out as favorites of iCM as a community. Which is the point of those decades lists AFAICT.

So yes I also believe a minimum threshold would make those lists even better.
(BTW I already find them much more interesting than IMDB’s lists, so :green_heart: )

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Maybe there should be a threshold for entering the lists, so that the lists represent the community better. But also a separate list consisting only of movies that fall below the threshold.

The IMDB 2020s Top 50 needs to be updated. Across the Spider-Verse is on that list, yet I don’t see it on the ICM version.

Which list do you mean?
This is the source we’re using, which is an advanced search we made ourselves.

It depends on a list of eligible titles, which is being updated now and then by PeacefulAnarchy. If the new Spider-Man is among the top 50 of the eligible titles (I’m sure it is), it will pop up as soon as PA updates that list.