Haven't received earned award

I checked my 55th title on “One hundred film and one country, Italy” on 12 November but still don’t have a bronze award (even with my poor math skills, 110*.5=55 in my world). I waited until another award updated (FOK 250 to platinum earlier today) to be sure this wasn’t just a delay in updating/recalculating. This is the only time I’ve noticed NOT receiving a bronze when it was earned.

Hey, me too! I recall that there were (are?) some lists that required greater than 50%, rather than greater than or equal to 50%, for bronze, but I don’t remember which ones or if this was fixed.

Edit: I just checked and it seems that list is one of the ones that is bugged. One person who has had 55 for a while doesn’t have bronze, and another just got bronze only after checking the 56th film. I guess we’ll need to watch another one.

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Yep, I had the same issue with that list some time ago.