How do I add movies to a list I created?

I wanted to add a Patrick McGoohan actor list but somehow I closed it before I added any movies. Now I can’t figure out how to add movies…



Go to the list.
Click the edit-button (pencil on the right top).
Click on tab “By IMDb movie URL(s)” (this is the easiest way if you ask me).
Add all IMDb-URLs you want to put on the list in the order you want them in.
Click “Save”.

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Thanks–I just couldn’t find the button.

Now I was wondering–how do I add a movie that doesn’t come up in the Search field for the list. The movie is already in icheckmovies but it doesn’t come up when I search for it in that field. (The movie is Trespasses from 1984–I am doing a comprehensive Patrick McGoohan list.)

You can use IMDb ID’s (tt1234567) to add a specific title to a list.