How do I send private messages on the forum

Hi all,

Seems the message box on the forums has disappeared and there is no way to send a message to a friend privately anymore. Is there a way to do this or is it just by using the main site?


If you click someone’s username, or if you go to their profile, you should see a blue message button that you can click to send a message.

Tried to msg Ferge this morning and couldn’t find it either … And i searched :wink:

There was a setting active that prevented private messaging for users other than staff. You should now be able to send them.

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It worked fine : thx Marijn !

Thank you

I’m getting an email for every PM I get. So I went to preferences-email and set everything to “never”. Still getting emails.

Emails stopped after a while. Apparently there’s a delay for the changes to take effect.