iCheckMovies vNext feedback

As most of you know, we’re working on a new design for iCheckMovies. We would like to build a new version that is awesome for everyone (which will probably not succeed, but we’d like to try ;)).

So let us have all your feedback, but please keep it constructive!

See and use what we’ve made so far on our beta: https://beta.icheckmovies.com/

First question:

What to do with toplist paging? There is a serious performance impact if we load everything at once. And it’s also too slow when on mobile. How should we handle toplist paging? Some kind of infinite scrolling with an option to show everything if you’re on a desktop?

A user option might help. Default to paged, let people choose to not have things paged, or have a show all button. Sequential loading through scrolling instead of paging would work too, as long as that show all button is there.

Is the performance impact on the server or the user?

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An setting per user is a lot of work to maintain, so that’s not really an option. I think we should go for sequential loading through scrolling and a show all button.

A bit of both. The client side gets the biggest performance penalty.

I posted a suggestion on the forum, but I don’t know how much work it would be to maintain: http://s15.zetaboards.com/iCheckMovies/single/?p=8574676&t=7452358

One problem with infinite scrolling: Suppose I want to look at the bottom 50 movies on a list of 5000 movies. That would be kind of difficult with infinite scrolling, and the “show all” button wouldn’t help either.

As long as there’s a “show all” button, it wouldn’t be worse than it is now, but something similar to my suggestion might work better for very large lists.

Ok, I’ve changed the paging back to the way it was on the current version. Found a number of ways to improve performance. Is it better like this?


The year/director/genre filters look good, but what about the checked/unchecked filters? Are you planning to add those, or did you have to remove them to improve performance?

You have the “mark as owned” button both inside and outside the “see more” menu. Is one of them supposed to be “mark as favorite”?

Yeah, the checked/unchecked/new filters will be added. Those do not have any impact on performance.

Yes, that is correct. I’ll fix that.

I fixed the compact view. What do you guys think?

The compact view looks good, but I just have one suggestion. It might be a good idea to separate all, checked, and unchecked into separate filters. Those are my most-used list filters (I would guess that it’s the same for other people, but I’m not sure).

When I switch to compact view, it still says “view: normal”, although it does switch to compact view (I’m using the latest version of Firefox if that makes a difference). It also doesn’t use compact view by default even though I have that as my setting (not sure if it’s a bug or if you just haven’t done that yet).

What do you mean by this exactly? Separate buttons for all, checked, unchecked and new?

Yes, that’s a bug.

No, haven’t done that yet :smile:

Filtering on checked, unchecked and new works fine now. When filtering, the current state is added to the browser history. That means you can filter a list on unchecked movies, click on a movie, hit your back button and end up back on the list page with the unchecked filter still active. You can even bookmark urls with filters active, for example:

(What you see depends on your progress of course :wink: )

Please check it out and experiment with it. Let me know if things don’t work as expected.

Oh, almost forgot. The ‘Use compact list view (hides cover images, faster loading)’ is now honoured when you visit a list page.

I meant separate buttons for all, checked, and unchecked. I’m not sure if new is important enough to have its own button

[quote=“marijn, post:13, topic:53”]
That means you can filter a list on unchecked movies, click on a movie, hit your back button and end up back on the list page with the unchecked filter still active.
[/quote] I haven’t had a chance to check the beta out yet, but this is an awesome little feature! There are so many times when I’ve looked at the unchecked movies in a list, clicked a movie title, gone back and then I’ve needed to go back to the top of the page, click the unchecked tab and scroll down to where I was before I clicked the movie title. Thank you for addressing this little annoyance!

Ah I see. For now I’ll leave it at this, because it’s consistent with the rest of the site.

Finally filtering on list type is working:


That is a nice step forward! When looking at the beta page I noticed that that percentages shown are round to the nearest percentage point. I understand this is standard rounding practice but it does make it confusing when I hover over the Top250 and it says 100% when I have seen 249/250. I think rounding down makes sense for these percentages.

Is there going to be a separate progress page like there is now or will the https://beta.icheckmovies.com/lists/official/ page replace it? Either way I would like the ability to filter out completed lists. I realize that this won’t be too handy for all that many users but we had this function in an old ICM version and I do miss it. Or maybe something more versatile in the sense of filtering by completion percentage or award?

Yeah, you’re right. I’ll fix that, thanks :smile:

No, there will be a separate progress page. I’m working on it now.

Great suggestion for filters by the way. I’ll definitely add something to filter on completion (don’t know which one yet).

That’s fixed now :slight_smile:

First impression of progress page:

It’s not finished (f.e. exact counts are not displayed yet), but you’ll get an idea of how it’s going to be.

Let me know what you think!