ICM Search Function Issues?

The search seems to be getting timeouts frequently with the type-ahead functionality also not working for a large percentage of films. It seems particularly a problem with non-English titles. This makes the site nearly unusable. @Marijn, has anything changed with the search functionality lately?

There have been no changes lately, but it’s running out of memory.

Should be running better as of now. Let me know if it doesn’t

edit: It doesn’t… still looking in to it

edit 2: It should be ok now, let me know if there are issues again

Search doesn’t work for me either on the non-beta site, all multi-word results lead to a 404 page. For example:

The first result (Forrest Gump) has a url that looks like this:
It leads to a 404 page (note the space instead of a plus or %20):
https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/forrest gump/

My guess is that something has broke in the search results redirection code, it no longer handles spaces in movie page urls properly.

I can’t reproduce this issue. If I click the result link you’ve posted, the site redirects me to the Forrest Gump detail page.

Huh, sorry for a false alarm! I should’ve checked it more thoroughly before reporting. Turns out one popular Firefox extension that I had installed ages ago (FoxyTab) has recently added (or updated?) a feature called Clean URLs:

Remove tracking/redirecting strings from Tab URLs

And for some reason it was enabled by default. That was the culprit.

No problem! Glad you found the issue

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