Import IMDB ratings

I’m having trouble importing my ratings list from IMDb. I attempted to split the list into two, with each CSV containing around 5000 titles, but every time I try, I receive the message: ‘We could not find any votes. Are you sure that your ratings file is correct?’ Any thoughts on this?

Could you send me the files you’re trying to import?

original file:
IMDB Rating

split ones:

Did you export your ratings from the new Beta view in imdb? I think I read somewhere that the exported .csv file is in a different order than the current one, which might be messing up with iCM’s ability to recognize the correct fields.

Edit: I think that’s the issue. I exported my own ratings and compared them to yours, and you can see below that the two .csv files have different columns. So the system is trying to find your rating in column B, but it’s not recognizing it because instead that’s where the ttid is stored (top file is your ratings, bottom file is mine). Your file export looks like a list export, not a ratings export, actually.

If you rearrange the exported columns to match my file, you should be fine.

that was the problem. thanks!

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@Marijn It looks like the upcoming changes to imdb lists are going to affect the functionality of importing ratings into icm.

Hey, I have a similiar problem. I see that IMDb has made some changes (again). But my columns are in good order except I’m missing the M column with the directors list. My list is public. I got the message:
" It looks like something went wrong. Please check the form for errors, fix them and repost! Ensure that you:

Make the list "public" by going to your ratings page on IMDb and click on "Change list settings".
Then click on the "Make this list a public list visible to all IMDb Users" option and try re-importing the votes."

Is there any help for me here or should I try to solve my problem on IMDb?

Could you share your imdb exported csv here and we can take a look?

I tried exporting it several times, every time it is the same.

So the new format adds an “Original Title” column in the middle and removes the “Directors” column at the end.

I suspect if you delete the “original title” column the import will work correctly.

I tried to remove the “Original Title” column, but it did not work. I also tried to remove the “Title” column and rename the “Original Title” to “Title”, in case the Norwegian titles was causing the problem, but it did not help either.

Do you mind sending me the file so I can play around with it?

Sure! Note that IMDB has change the why export use to work. Today when I was downloading the ratings I had to go to a “Your exports” where. The file had a different name than before. I left the name of the file and everything as when I first downloaded it.

Ratings file

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Yeah, IMDb changed their export feature in late March I think. It’s annoying, but they reinstated the Director column so it’s not too different from before. I don’t know why they needed to have them exported as those long random character strings for filenames though.

I removed the “Original Title” column in LibreOffice and checked to make sure none of the rows were misaligned. I didn’t rename the remaining column (even though the old “Title” was the Original Title"), since the main the the system looks for is the ttid.

Hopefully this will work for you:
import-new.csv (938.2 KB)

Thanks for trying!

But sadly that did not work, for some reason.

I get this error:
IMDb ratings file — We could not find any votes.
Are you sure that your ratings file is correct?

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Hmm, okay. I’ll try again tonight or tomorrow when I’ve got some free time.

Okay, I tried formatting the csv in Excel so that it looked like the old file, but no luck. I then ran an old file through import to verify that, in fact, import still works and it does, so this suggests that the problem lies with the IMDb export file’s new format. I even unchecked a movie, copied that line of data from the new file (Original Title has been deleted) to the file that just ran through import without issue but it simply is not ‘seeing’ data produced in the new format. My suspicion is there is something in the underlying code that I can’t see in Excel or Notepad that either is or isn’t showing up in the new export data and this is what is tripping up iCM’s import function.

Did you save any of your old csv files? Could you check the formatting of one of those against the new one to see if we’ve missed some change?

Alternately, you could try to reimport one of the old files and see if it still throws an error.

Yes, I had a file from about a year ago. It imported just fine and I compared the fields but couldn’t find a difference once we eliminated the new (Original Title) field. I even went so far as to insert a single new entry from IMDb’s new export format into the file that read just fine. It continued to read the (old) file data but ignored the item from the new export. I even went so far as to uncheck the second title from this older file – the import function ignores the first line (an entry from the new IMDb export minus Original Title) but checks the item from the old format that I unchecked.

But then things started getting stranger. I removed line items from the test file – both unchecked films, but also slimmed the file down to about 10 entries. However it processed the old version with 400+ entries. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Anyway, I renamed the slimmed down file, cleared cache and cookies, rebooted my browser, tried again, and got a clean import (no errors) so cache/cookies was saving something.

Then I updated my pared down file to add the two unchecked titles - one from the old export format, one from the new (minus Original title) back into the file, saved with a new name, deleted cache/cookies, rebooted browser, relogged in to iCM, and uploaded this new test file. iCM ignored the line from the new IMDb export but checked the unchecked title from the old format.

Next test - I removed the line from the new file and entered the data manually before repeating all the steps yet again. And yes, I double checked to make sure I didn’t make a typo. And again, it checked the old title I uncheck and IGNORED the title I hand typed. This leads me to wonder if the the old format had some sort of coding that Python(?) sees but doesn’t show up in a spreadsheet program or text editor.

So I did another test – I reused a line of the old file but typed the new title and tt numbers but no luck. Still ignored.

It seems either iCM is looking for something that’s not there or something that is there produces an error and so iCM skips the new entry. However, whatever this might be isn’t visible to me in either Excel or a text editor – I’m guessing there is a hidden character that Python (the language iCM is written in?) is either seeing or not seeing.

I can’t figure out how to make anything but the old export format work.

When you’re editing the csv files, which program(s) are you using? There may be some hidden data messing things up.

That’s the only thing I can think of at this point. @Marijn is likely the only one able to properly dig in and fix this though.