Incorrect check numbers

Getting a lot of check numbers problems here ; the number displaying next to my username doesn’t match my number of checked movies and for some reason I have 33 more official checks than total checks.
Can you try and see what’s wrong ?

I see you only recently joined. Did you import from IMDb? How many ratings do you have there?
Did you uncheck some after the import? The number of official checks that is shown in the rankings doesn’t update immediately, only a few times a week or so. Wait a few days and see if it’s correct then.
When I export your checks I see 928 instead of the 922 on your profilepage, so it’s off indeed. If this doesn’t resolve in a few days, get back here.

I just took a look at my own numbers. My profile page says 12089 checks. When I export I get 12087 titles in Excel.
According to Excel I’ve got 6777 official checks. In the rankings it says 6776, so that seems right, because it probably didn’t update the official check I watched last night.

Thanks for the quick answers. This account is new but I’m actually quite familiar with the site since I joined about 4 months ago and created an account on which I checked a lot of shorts + a lot of things I was fairly sure I saw but barely remembered anything about. That bothered me even if I had a lot more checks this way so I decided to create this more streamlined account.
I’m going to wait a few days (let’s say until tuesday) and see if the numbers adjust. I should mention that I had similar problems on my previous account (I cancelled most of the checks on this account) and that the official checks number is extremely off (955 when I have only 928 checks ; that doesn’t make much sense).
Thanks again for the updates.

I get back to this topic because the numbers don’t seem to have adjusted (I still have problems with : incorrect number of checks next to the username on my homepage + official checks number completely off). If you could try and see what’s wrong I’d really appreciate it.

I think @Marijn should take a look.

I’d appreciate it if he could.

Creating a new topic here because I don’t seem to be getting any further answers on the other one I created. I still have a strange discrepancy between the number of checks I get when browsing through the checked movies section and the number of checks displayed next to my username (off by 6). Around 10 days ago @joachimt said @marijn would try to take a look but I haven’t got any update since and I would appreciate to know if this could be corrected.
Once again this is definitely not a big issue but I don’t understand where it comes from and that bothers me, so if something can be done…

@png12: I moved your new post to this topic. There’s no need to create a new topic for this. That won’t attract @Marijn sooner than the tag that was already posted. I know the response is slow and I’m sorry for that, but being patient is all you can do now.

@png12 You’re using the beta right? Or is the check count wrong on the current live version also?

Hi ! The check count is off on the current live version too.

Ok, I’ll take a look. Sorry for the lack of response on my end


I’ve updated the check count next to your username. Is your official check count still off too?

Everything seems fine now, thanks !

Awesome! :slight_smile:

I just noticed a similar issue. I have 5173 checks on beta, but 5174 checks on the live version.

I have the same thing… OCD I mean.

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