Is checking a "lost film" against the rules?

Is checking a “lost film” against the rules?

No, it’s not allowed. That said, it’s often impossible to set a boundary between “lost” and “available”. What if 75% of the movie is available and the rest is considered lost? Most people don’t have problems to check it. But 50%? 25%? 1%? Only a few screenshots? And do you count it as lost if not a single copy is known to exist? Or do you count it as lost if it only exists in a private collection some far away place at the end of the universe? And what if some 100 year old user checks a lost movie from the 30’s? He might have seen it back then.

If we would make lost films uncheckable, we’d have to decide which check should be uncheckable and which not. I don’t want to go there.

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Welcome and thanks for asking!


Furthermore, one must only check movies one has seen. We realize that it is impossible to exactly quantify “seen,” but it does not include not having seen a movie at all or only having seen shorts clips (like trailers).

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There is a user at or near the top who has clearly violated these rules. The pattern is familiar.

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Welcome @MilenaFlaherty: thanks for posting! I know you’re not the only person to notice such things and many dedicated and avid checkers agree with you. Believe I know who you are referencing and mods have said in the unofficial forum (where a specific request was made) they are aware of the situation and would look into it next week.

It’s one thing when someone checks something in error - I consider most checks of Rastas in Zululand fit this as the film has been mislabeled in that famous video sharing site. A number of people have discussed it and the consensus I remember was it was not what the poster claimed the video to be. I mention this mostly so people reading this discussion understand that iCM moderators take these concerns seriously and put some effort into figuring out what the user is doing. This involves a bit of messaging back and forth.