Log In Issues?

Are users having the same problem as I do?
If so, any updates on when/how this will be resolved?

No problem here, but I was already logged in as I always am.

Thanks, I’ll check whether it’s a password malfunction, because I logged in from work, I’ll give it a go when I return home, where I’m already logged in. (I thought my account was deleted, but I noticed it’s still there, safe and sound…)

I´ve been unable to login for the last 7 hours…Oddly enough, I can enter the forum with the exact login/pass combo

Yup, same here, it seems I’m not alone in this one :face_with_monocle:

I just got an email from someone else with the same problem. Seems indeed you guys are not alone.
@Marijn ?

I can’t log in either. I thought that maybe it was a password issue, but I got a 404 when I tried to reset my password.

I entered the site from my home pc and it’s working fine since I was already logged in (like joachimt mentioned), but I’m kind of afraid to log out, considering I might encounter the same issues as when I was logged out from another pc :smiling_imp:

Unfortunately I wasn´t logged in in another device so I´m still unable to use my account

Did you get a fix? I have the same problem.

I can confirm it’s an issue for me as well since yesterday. I’m logged in on my laptop (and was able to stay logged in despite needing to restart my machine), but I’m unable to log in on my new phone. It won’t accept my password, and when I click to use my saved password, something happens and it clears the field. When I type it in manually, it doesn’t register and cycles back to the auth.icheckmovies.com page.

Hope that info helps Marijn diagnose the issue.

I’m having the exact problem too!

It’s like that regardless of where I try to log in. Luckily I’m still logged in on my laptop.

Same issue here. I’m still able to log in by going to the beta site (beta.icheckmovies.com), but I just get looped back to the login screen when attempting to log in on the stable site. Couple days now.

We’ve had some login issues caused by an update of our authentication system. They should be resolved by now.

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Have the log in issue again since yesterday.
I log in and get here
but the screen stays blank.

I’m currently having this issue as well. I last logged in two nights ago with no problems, but it’s not working today — just that same URL taking me to a blank page.


Are you able to log in via this page? iCheckMovies

We’ve had a number of reports with this issue. The problem with the login service should be fixed as of now.

Let us know if you still have issues.