Losing ground

Not the first, or second, or third time it’s happened. With whatever reshuffling of checks and ranks that’s been occurring lately, I’ve lost 37 checks from yesterday to today. In the past, I’ve lost as many as 60 + overnight. I would assume when titles come and go off of Official lists, our checks could up or down a couple. Not 37. I’ll lose a couple of hard-earned ranks tomorrow,and more in the coming week. To my memory, I have never gone up in checks or ranks when one of these major reshuffles occurs. Only down.

Yeah, this is all ego-driven as I"m in the top 100, but nobody wants to see their progress yanked away.

Why does this continue to happen (at least once a year for me)?

Hey benhere. To be clear, did you lose 37 checks, or 37 toplist checks? And which page(s) are you using to keep track of your check count?

As far as I’m aware, no major update happened to any official list in the past few days that would account for such a huge disparity.

But we know there has been a fix this week, because for a lot of users (almost everyone as far as I know) the official checkcount was off. For some just a few checks, but I think I heard of someone who’s checkcount in the rankings was off by 80. Some bug occured some time, not sure when. EbbyWebby discovered it and went through a lot of profiles to compare. This week Marijn fixed the problem. So are you sure those 37 checks really belonged to you?

I just exported your checks, benhere, and filtered in Excel. You’ve got 6719 official checks according to that, which is exactly the same number as you have in the rankings. It seems to me that you have had a gift of 37 ghost-checks, which are now corrected.

Btw, I “lost” about 25 checks as well.

I haven’t lost checked movies. I know because I also rate the films on IMDb. My checks on both sites match. I lost ‘official checks’. Not sure what you mean by “ghost checks”. Was I getting credit for films that weren’t on Official Lists?

It 's not a big deal. It’s just that this has happened a number of times. And it has happened without any indication that there was any problem. I’ve never noticed getting ‘extra credit’ for any movie that is or isn’t on an Official List.

I’ll let it go. Nothing to do anyway.

Thanks for taking a look at it joachmint.

With ghost checks I mean that somehow the number of official checks listed in the rankings didn’t correspond with the actual number of official checks. This was the case for almost everyone on iCM. I don’t know how long it has been that way, but a few weeks ago EbbyWebby discovered this and last week it was solved. So you didn’t lose official checks. Your number was just corrected, just like the numbers for everyone on iCM.

I don’t think this actually happened before, never seen it. So other cases where you lost checks might have been a matter of an update of a list in the past. This time it was something different.

the “somehow”, if I’m not mistaken, was actually the fact that some lists have been replaced in recent times and official checks that were only on the lists that were un-adopted didn’t get their new unofficial status in the official check count.