Lost my ranking number?

Hi. Here’s my profile: Ivar's profile - iCheckMovies.com

I recently lost my rank title from Actor to Extra, and also lost my number ranking fully. Could this be a bug? I thought everyone had a ranking number regardless of rank title?

Been a user since 2010 and this hasn’t happened before. Could it be a potential bug or?

It looks like you went “dark”, as I cannot see your Recent Activity or your Checks.

If you go to the “privacy” tab in your settings, you’ll see this message: “Edit your privacy settings, which determine who can see your data. Please note that setting your “Movie checks” privacy settings to “Friends” or “Private”, will result in your account not being eligible for the top users list.

My guess is you’ve set your movie checks to private, thereby removing you from the rankings on the site and the individual official lists. If you change your settings again, you’ll be readded to the ranking on the next site refresh (usually 2-3 times a week at minimum).

That could be it yeah. I set it to Public again now. Thanks!

Still no ranking number, but yeah like you said hopefully soon. Maybe I’ll get my ‘Actor’ rank back as well haha. Was weird seeing ‘Extra’ again.

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