Movie export columns

I’m currently working on the export functionality in vNext. I’d like to know what kind of data you’d like me to include in the movie export.

For movies we currently have:

I figured it would be useful to include the dates you’ve checked a movie. What data would also be useful? We could also replace the checked through owned columns with dates instead of yes/no.

In short, I’d like your opinion :smiley:

Runtime is something I would use often

We currently have checkdate as well, not only just “checked”.

I’d also like:


I would like “Runtime”, “Director”, “Genres”, “DislikedCount”. The lack of “DislikedCount” is the one I find most irritating, because it’s a field that is present when exporting lists and absent when exporting anything under the movies tab.

These two, definitely

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Runtime, Director, Genre would all be useful

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I second all of these.

I think country would be useful too, but I know that iCM doesn’t store that information.

There are some columns that I don’t care about (usertoplistcount, favorite, disliked, owned), but maybe other people care about them.

I don’t care about usertoplistcount, but I know some people do. EbbyWebby uses it to find shorts on at least X toplists for example.

I do care about the favorite-column. I very often filter an export on my favorites.

Is this something you can work with? :slight_smile:

movies-checked.csv (278.6 KB)

Don’t mind the counts, this is from my development environment. And I forgot one column, the iCheckMovies url

Looks great to me! Thanks for adding runtime, genre and director.

  • Indeed add the iCM-url next to the column of the IMDb-url.
  • The previous export had officialtoplistcount and alltoplistcount. I see you now have unofficialtoplistcount instead of alltoplistscount. No problem for me. And if anyone wants all, it’s simply a matter of adding the two columns.
  • With favorited, disliked, watchlisted and owned a simple yes or no, would be fine for me as well, but I might think of situation where people might find it useful to have a date.

Well, I’m planning on adding an option to the importer to import these files. That’s why I added a date there.

Export is live in the beta. Let me know if you encounter any issues


Seems fine to me. Although the count next to my username says 3 more than the export-file contains, but that’s also the case in the live version.

So far you can only export “checked”, “favorited”, “disliked”, “watchlist” and “owned”, but not lists. Is that on purpose?

No, not on purpose, just not finished yet