Movie imported successful yet not possible to add to list with its imdb address

"The movies you’ve added to our import queue were successfully processed.

Family 2 (2001)"

link for the imported movie

trying to add the movie to a list after “By IMDb movie URL(s)” gives the following error


You have specified movies that have not yet been added to iCheckMovies. The missing movies have automatically been added to the movie import queue. You will automatically receive a notificaton when the movies have been imported, if you have specified so in your notification settings.

Could be that the search has not indexed the new movie yet. Give it some time, you should be able to add it to a list in an hour or so

ok, that’s good to hear. For me - first time using the new import on the betasite, so assumed it was something just missing as this always was instantly working with the old site import

I just tried adding a movie & got a “fatal error” message. It also kicked me out of ICM. Never had this problem in old version.

Could you send me the IMDb url you’re trying to add? I’ll take a look

Never mind. I tried it again & it now works fine.