No updates on IMBD genre lists

Is there a reason why the IMDB genre lists have not been updated since July? Or is this a problem that occurs only with me?

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IMDb changed their layout. We’ll have to change our parser to accommodate this, but haven’t had the time yet. Sorry.


Any word on when these will be updated?

I’ve just pushed a fix for this to production and started the update process. The private messages should be coming in shortly.

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Yay! A very nice New Year’s gift.

It’s too late for it to be a :santa: gift?

Why Arrival isn’t on imdb sci-fi and 2010s list?

I think it doesn’t have enough checks yet. What’s the boundary for those lists, PeacefulAnarchy?

I last updated the list of eligible films last month. Arrival, and Rogue One, do have enough checks, but they didn’t at the time. They’ll show up when I update the list.
Edit: The eligibility is 1500 checks, btw.