Official Lists Update - message

Earlier, when we recieved the “Official lists update”-message, all of your checked movies had that little checked-icon in front, and those movies that you didn’t had checked were without. That made it supereasy to track down movies to gain those awards again.

But now, all of the movies has that “checked” icon, wether or not you’ve already checked it. Could we pleeease get the old function back?

Hello PolarCow.

You are correct, that the official list update messages used to have the checks only beside the films you had seen. A few years ago, however, Marijn had to make some changes to the formatting of the messages to fix some bugs, and as a result had to change that function so all films appear to be checked in the message, regardless of if you’ve personally checked them or not.

Unfortunately, there is no way to revert to the previous display method at this time. Sorry.