Poll: Lists that should be official 2021: Nominations Closed

Edit: Nominations are closed.

The moderators are looking for lists to adopt as official iCM lists. You may nominate up to 3 lists by posting them in this thread (personal lists and filmography lists are not eligible).

After the nomination phase is over:

  • The moderators will review the nominations and choose approximately 60-80 lists that we think may be popular with the users, and have a chance of being adopted within the next few years.
  • There will be a single voting phase. There will be a web form where you can rate each list based on how much you want it to be official. Voting will begin near the end of November, and will last 4 weeks.

When you nominate a list, please include the following information:
List title, year of publication, iCM list URL, number of films, list order, who created the list. If it’s not clear from the title, please briefly explain what the list is about.

Example nomination:

Paste’s 100 Best Superhero Movies of All Time (2019)
102 films (ranked)
Selected by website staff.

We ran a similar poll in 2018. Lists that performed well last time, as well as additional lists chosen by the moderators, have been auto-nominated.

All nominated lists

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Hi there. My nominations:

Michael Vaughn’s The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema (2017)
393 films (grouped by Genre, then alphabetical)
Selected by Michael Vaughn, book author

Mark Schilling’s Art, Cult and Commerce - Japanese cinema since 2000 (2019)
236 films (grouped by year, approx. 10 for each)
Selected by Mark Schilling, film critic and expert of Japanese cinema

Letterboxd Top 250 (updated regularly)
250 films (ranked)
Selected by the community of Letterboxd, maybe the most important film site since IMDb.


Susan Sontag’s 50 Favourite Films (1977)
50 films (ranked)
classic list made by the famous writer, very nice arthouse/classic starter, including titles that get overlooked in more established/us-centric canon-lists

John Waters’ Yearly Top 10 Picks (2001 - )
yearly top 10, added up over time (currently 216 films)
10 favorites selected by the famous director, strikes a peculiar but perfect balance between various underseen strains of filmmaking (arthouse, lgbtq, genre/cult) with more notable mainstream titles every year.

Venice Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize (1951 - )
a still growing award list (currently 61 films)
the number 2 prize awarded at this “ancient” festival that is ever growing in status. just taking a glance at some of the titles gives you an impression of how good of a list this is!


SonntagsZeitung’s 100 Best Swiss Films (2016)
100 films (ranked)
Selected by 36 critics, academics and other film professionals

Alain Bergala’s The 208 Films You Must Have Seen (2010)
215 entries (alphabetical order of the director’s last name)
Selected by Alain Bergala, film critic and historian, head of the FEMIS

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100 Norwegian Films You Must See
101 films, grouped by year.
Selected by Gunn E. Schmidt, editor of book.

Público’s Top Portuguese Films to Show in Schools
58 films, ranked.
The best Portuguese list. 10 important Portuguese personalities chose their top 10 Portuguese films to be shown in schools. Among them were directors, poets, writers, a philosopher, an art curator, an architect and a film critic.

471 movies, sorted by name.
Norwegian movie distributor that specializes in artisticly valuable films.*


Rushprint’s The best Norwegian films of all time (2011)
25 film ranked
Selected by 32 critics and managers of festivals.

The Dardennes’ 79 Favorite Movies.
79, not ranked
Selcted by two directors.

I might post a third later


Stephen Dwoskin’s Film Is… The International Free Cinema

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Sin in Soft Focus

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BFI’s 50 Essential South Asian Films
50 films (divided into 5 sections)
Selected by film experts

Chantal Akerman’s Une Cinémathèque Imaginaire
51 films (unranked)
Selected by Chantal Akerman through interviews

Eros Plus Massacre: An Introduction to the Japanese New Wave Cinema
116 films (ordered by how they appeared in the similarly titled book)
Selected by David Desser


My only nomination :
Guide for the Film Fanatic (1986)
Danny Peary provides short reviews for over 1600 “Must See” films.

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Instead of suggesting a third list, I’d like to… suggest 75 lists! LaCinetek have made a lot of favourite lists from acclaimed directors. And Gershwin have been so kind to adding them all to iCM. The «director» tab needs more entries!

Would it be to much trouble to ask the moderators to pick one (or more) as my third pick? Others are more than welcome to suggest some them self.

Starting at the bottom here all the way to page six:

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I’d prefer you pick one so you don’t yell at us for picking the wrong one, but otherwise sure, we’ll pick one (or more).

I promise not to yell! I trust the moderators expertice over my own on this one.

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I am wondering why you only have the one list of Pixar Directors for kids under the age of 13, but don’t have the other lists as Official Lists:
Pixar Directors Recommend: Films for Families (7 to 12 Years)

Pixar Directors Recommend: Films for Families (All Ages)

Pixar’s Picks: Family Films (combined list of the previous 3)

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To be clear, the under 13 list, which is official, is the first two lists combined. We combined them because for the ICM userbase there isn’t much value in separating them. The distinction is still there in the ordering.

We excluded the “over 13” films because they undermine the point a “films for children” list.

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time



Cinecouch’s Top 1000 Short Films
1075 (ranked)
Selected by http://cinecouch.com

Midnight Movies
252 (alphabetical order)
Selected by J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum

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British film list as there are too few British official films


BAFTA awards list 47 films

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In Competition at GĂ©rardmer

In Competition at Cannes

In Competition at Venice

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You don’t need to nominate this one… the moderators are already discussing what to do for a Portuguese list to replace the filmspot one.

So you can nominate a different list instead. :slight_smile:

(I’m crossing it out in your original post).