Regarding ranking system and privacy


I cannot see my rank, but some people have figured it out as my username pops up in google searches about dark users. Sounds kinda ominous.

How do I see my current rank? And is there a way for me to not have my username traced in this manner?


You can’t see your rank because you have no rank. You have set your checks at private. If you want to be ranked, you should make your checks public. Go to the privacy-settings:
There you can change as you wish.

About your other question: We can’t stop people to talk about other users outside of iCM. I just googled your username and the second hit is what you’re referring to:
EbbyWebby started that thread, because he wanted to find out which other users would rank high if they would set their checks public. I’m not sure btw how he figured out your official checks, because your checks are hidden completely.


Maybe that is something the developers should look into?

Many thanks for the reply Joachimt!


First I’ll ask EbbyWebby how he found your number of official checks, otherwise the developer won’t know what to look into.


Oh wait, I remember now. If you go to the user rankings, users with the checks private are listed at the bottom mentioned as “new”. The official checks and unofficial checks are mentioned there. If you sort the rankings by checks, you’ll see how everyone ranks based on overall number of checks and then it’s easy to pick out the “dark” users, because you just have to look at all the “new” rankings.

But is this a problem? So now I can figure out how many official and unofficial checks someone has. Is this an invasion of privacy? It’s just a number, right?


I’m not sure I’d call it an invasion of privacy, but the setting probably should be universal and those users probably shouldn’t show up on that list. If they choose to completely hide all their checks then they shouldn’t show up in any ranking.


You might be right about that, but that would mean the ?user=username backdoor should also be closed.


No, just that it should show up empty for private users. I mostly use it to look at the progress of people with public profiles to recommend them movies from a list