Request: Compare lists

I’d love the ability to compare lists in one screen. Let’s say I’m looking at the Top 250 list, and I want a movie from this list that’s also in the Reddit top 250. I select the Reddit Top 250 and all the movies that aren’t listed in both lists disappear, leaving only the movies that are in both lists. Would really help prioritize certain movies and lists.

There is script for icheckmovies that’s called “iCM Enhanced” and list crossreference is one of the options. I’ve never used it actually, so I can’t tell you exactly how it works.

Thanks, though my virus scanner and my webbrowser both seem to distrust the script. When you say you haven’t used it yourself, do you mean the cross reference or the script altogether? I’ll trust an iCM moderator not to have me install malware on my PC.

I have the script installed. It has a lot of different features. I just don’t use the crossreference feature, because I prefer to work in Excel for that.

I have the script installed and I use the cross reference function. The way I find it easiest to use is to favorite the lists you want to cross reference, then go to your favorited lists. Then you click the Activate CR button, select the lists you want to cross reference.

You will see two rows of buttons at the top of the lists. Click Cross Reference on the lower row, and then click Cross Reference on the upper row. It will generate a list which you can then export.