Runtime is not picked up correctly from IMDB

Hello friends :slight_smile:

The latest lists additions led me to watch several shorts from the silent era. I noticed that The Airship Destroyer’s runtime was wrong on ICM and IMDB. It was 11min when it is in fact just under 7 minutes:

I submitted a correction on IMDB and it was accepted.

But when I updated the ICM page it picked up the (bogus) USA runtime of 20min instead of the correct default runtime.

I don’t know if that is intended or a consequence of the recent difficulties with scraping from IMDB but market-specific attributes shouldn’t take priority over default ones.

I don’t know if it’s intended either. One solution is that if the USA-attributed runtime is completely false, delete it on imdb and then update on icm. It should then grab the only available and correct runtime.

Provided the deletion is accepted by IMDB moderators, we wouldn’t have the problem in this instance yes.

However the current situation reveals a problem that should be addressed on ICM side : default or world-wide values should take precedence over market-specific ones.

Still a bug. Easily fixable on iCM side if someone still cares.

One more occurence: