Site Doesn't Work during 0500 CEST hour

We’ve been reporting this problem for well over month and no one can tell us what the hell is going on. I’m a bit more than angry right now because I spent a half hour updating a list - sorry, my mistake was doing it when it was convenient for ME, when I had time to do it this weekend, should have paid attention and done it when it’s convenient for iCM - I hit the save button. It spun for minutes though I didn’t actually time it. Then I got the freaking “iCM is Down” page. AND and this is what really PISSES ME OFF when I hit back, all my edits had disappeared meaning I’ve got to do the whole damn exercise over a second time.

This is bloody ridiculous. If the system needs to be down a certain time, take it down so people aren’t wasting time and energy with the expectation that it will work.

Additionally, we’ve been reporting this problem, it’s now well documented, but no one respects the user base enough to even address why the issue is happening let alone adresss the underlying problem.

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I’ve had the same issue.

The tricky thing is that the site actually does work during the “dead period”. You can still browse lists and search for films. You just aren’t able to edit/change lists or check movies.

It might be worth investing in some sort of banner rather than take the whole website offline. Something to the effect of “We are currently updating things on iCheckMovies. You can continue to browse our website, but the check and list editing features may be down until the maintenance is over.”

Sorry about this, I was somehow not aware of this issue.

I’ve been looking into it and I think I know what causes this. I’ve made some changes to fix the “unscheduled downtime”.

Thanks for reporting this and let me know if this issue persists.

Did you report this here where Marijn van actually read this or are you talking about the conversation on

and others contributed to that discussion as well

I haven’t found it very useful reporting things here in the past. I report them on the other forum in the hopes that Mods will take note of the issue.

And @xianjiro? Issues resolved?

Unfortunately, I was occupied elsewhere during the 0500 CEST hour yesterday and didn’t “test” to see if the problem was resolved. I did check the other forum and no one has posted that they had issues during that hour. But might need to see how goes over the next week. If no one notices anything, we’re probably good to go. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay, I was able to both check a movie and update a list during the mentioned hour with no problems tonight. No one else has reported any issues, so everything seems to be working as we’d expect. Won’t post anymore about unless we notice an issue. Thanks!

edit: one thing I forgot to mention, I only used v2. I’ll try to remember to try v3 for checks later in the week. :wink: