Spaceholder for a missing movie or how to add a stub

How to add documentary from Netflix to my watched list.
by Álvaro Mendoza, “Europe’s largest desert” (Netflix name)

I didn’t find out a lot about it, if it has another name, might have one in Spanish.
No imdb, no info on makers website. Almost like netflix just bought one and nothing is known outside their gated community.

so, how do I create a stub or a text message for the future, for my list and for other similar entries that are not in the big boy libraries. It could also be just a note for me, not for public everyone.

There is no such current option. Movies can be added to imdb, and from there imported to ICM.
Is this the doc: BARDENAS, El Desierto más grande de Europa 🏜️🐍| DOCUMENTAL de ANIMALES HD | Grandes Documentales - YouTube There may be enough info there to add it to imdb

ok, thanks for info. I have never added a movie to imdb.
I think, I’ll choose to wait if it appears or try that later.