Spam Busting

More dubious accounts ; some failed ads too


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While there seems to be a flood of new accounts from likely spammers, this one is pretty obvious


All removed now

First two removed. I don’t get why the last one is spam.

Sorry I never replied to you earlier.
I think at the time I noticed it I considered filmybox123 as a failed attempt at creating a spam account because a web search returned similar accounts on different forums using the same name for ads and rogue SEO. But I can’t find those anymore so… probably ok to ignore it.

I found this one recently:

And this one isn’t clearly spam but the name may suggest an advertising attempt:

First one removed. Second one hasn’t violated any rules yet, so leaving it for now. Wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to be a spammer though, as they’ve misspelled their email address.


Last one is more sophisticated and may require more review from mods:

It may or may not be a legit account (as in created by a human) but it’s clearly used to plant links to a recently registered website in several comments, instead of checking watched movies.
IMO it’s advertising and SEO tactics.

First three removed.
I’m leaving the other one for now. It links to another movie website. There have been other people active on iCM linking to external reviews of themselves. No harm done I guess.

All removed, thanks.

Removed, thanks.