Timestamps in beta are off


Okay, when I look at my comment in the beta it says “about 9 hours ago” (I’m guessing this is the time difference between west coast NA and the location of the server. It also says that joachimt’s “Too bad jfitz” post was made “about 8 hours ago”, even though joachimt’s post predates mine.

https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/appalachian+spring-1944/comments/ (v2 - added this because of Discuss’ way of replacing links with other text)

My post shows as “1 minute ago”; joachimt’s, “1 hour 16 minutes ago”

Of course actual display times will change depending on when you read/click and the beta is doing some rounding, but it still doesn’t explain why the relative times are wrong. I clearly made my post after joachimt and in response to his.