Viewer Warning or some such thing


Just had the ‘pleasure’ of watching . I don’t read comments first because I don’t like to know anything about movies beforehand but this (and a few others) almost makes me want to change.

Anyway, it makes me wonder if we could have some sort of flag(s) in future versions where, without giving out details or spoilers, other views could mark a given film with a warning message(s). Of course the idea isn’t just because ‘it sucked’ but more for things that are, idk, too challenging/disgusting/pornographic/whatever.

Just an idea for people to kick around - I’d certainly haven’t given this one second thought if it had an icon where, in addition to thumbs down, say 50 people had rated it “stay away!”


It’s on the Vogel-list, so that’s enough warning. :wink:

Seriously, I like your idea. Don’t know how it would be manageable. And which elements are reason to “stay away”? Pornographic material? Gore? Where do we draw the line?


Thanks. And there’s plenty of things that aren’t quite as challenging on Vogel as well. Yes, what would qualify a given movie for a warning? That would be the ultimate question.

In an effort to simply the concept and let viewers use it creatively, maybe we just toggle a stop-sign icon (similar to the thumbs up and down). If one sees a stop sign with with 35 clicks, that’s a much bigger warning than one with 2 clicks. So what if hundreds of users want to click it on Superbabies: Baby Geniuses and The Shawshank Redemption (as well as Unverschamtheit im Grunewald and whatever else)? It would just provide more information - other members have issued warnings, maybe you really do want to read comments before viewing. See where I’m going?

Of course we could get all complex and do icons for porn, gore, boring, wildly over-rated, whatever, but you’re right drawing lines would be an issue since one viewer’s porn is another’s ‘best art film of all time.’ That’s why I’ll lean towards simplicity but would love others to offer their takes on the idea as well.


I think a stop-sign will be misused by lots of people, who’ll just use it as another dislike-button. "Next Adam Sandler comedy? Nah, I’ll hit the stop-sign. Don’t watch it people! It’s a waste of time!!"
I do like your idea, but it’ll probably result in the most famous movies getting the most clicks.


I guess I could go along with this idea as well. I think it would be best to keep it simple, like a generic “Not Safe for Work”-type warning without specifying the kind of content.

It could be done as a community thing where X number of people have to press the button before it’ll trigger the warning, but like joachimt points out, that makes it a target for abuse. And some movies will be seen by very few people (Unverschamtheit im Grunewald has fewer than 200 checks) so the limit can’t be too high either…


Edit: Actually, you can almost use the “favorites:dislikes” ratio on the left sie as your warning sign. 1.1% liked it, 36.6% disliked it, a ratio of 1:34. :slight_smile:


“NSFW” sounds like a better sign than “Stay Away”, but it’s also not clear what it means exactly. I would call every movie with just one shot of boobs in it NSFW. No need for such a strong warning though in most cases. But maybe it will be solved with the number of hits the button must have before the warning gets activated. Most people wouldn’t hit that button because of one boob.


Good points. Is the triangle (pointing down) universally understood for yield? I honestly can’t remember what yield signs looked like in other countries - maybe since I didn’t drive.

Another option would be something that implies ‘adults only’ - NC17 or XXX or maybe we could get Peaceful to do a doodle of pickle entering a donut’s hole. :smiling_imp:


I’m not sure this would be feasible, for the reasons you guys have already mentioned. It would either just become a second dislike button, or a NSFW button that would encompass much more than just stuff like this. ( would a nsfw button even apply to this, I don’t recall which of the messed up Bauer films this one is). A NSFW label might not be a bad idea in general, but I don’t see how it could be restricted to just the gross and pornographic, without including artful nudity and mainstreamish gore.