Views on Horror/Cult hosted episodes as checks


So I’ve been wanting to started watching Elivra’s Movie Macabre and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Alot of the movies are also official checks, but because these are somewhat edited versions of the movie itself with commentary do you think iwatching it should be worthy of a checking of the movie on the official lists?


If MST3K shows the whole movie, I have no doubt that you should check it. That’s just the equivalent of watching a movie with a bunch of beer-drinking friend who constantly make jokes during the movie. If the movie is heavily cut by the MST3K-crew, I probably wouldn’t check it. But then you could also discuss about lots of movies whether you should see the director’s cut or the theatrical cut to check the movie.

Well, in the end it’s up to you to decide. I won’t send the cheater-police to you if you check something after having seen the MST3K-version.


I actually used this website to find MST3K episodes that are on official lists. I guess I can understand the argument that it shouldn’t count, but it’s what I do.