When will the new website be released?

I love iCheckmovies and am a frequent user. I do notice that the beta website is breaking some stuff in the current website. For example the login is now broken…

So when will the new website be released? I get that it’s a big project, but is has been in production for about 8 years? And the last updates on the Trello board date from 3 years back? Is there even any progress at the moment?

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Hi Boei,

We don’t have a timeline of when the new version will be released. Progress is still happening incrementally in the background.

With regards to parts of the current version breaking as a result, could you elaborate? What is broken about the login for you? Are you unable to log in to the site? Are there others issues? If you’re able to provide more information, I can ask Marijn to look into those specific items.

Thanks :slight_smile: