Oficial check list count not updating on import

When I’ve exported my watched movies from imdb on Monday and Tuesday I’m pretty sure it hasn’t updated my watched movies on lists. When I add movies individually like today it went up by 2 automatically.

Anyone else have this problem?

I’ve read your post three times and I still don’t understand what you mean. What does iCM have to do with you exporting from IMDb? What do you mean with “watched movies on lists”?

when you watch a movie that is on a list, your score goes up, so take yesterday for example, I watched 5 films that our on top list checks so my score went from 4816 top list checks to 4821. These movies I checked individually. When I exported my lists on Monday from imdb I had 9 movies on top list checks and I don’t think that’s been added, same with Tuesday when I exported.

But again: What does iCM have to do with you exporting from IMDb?

Which lists did you export? You mean your ratings from IMDb?
Did you import that to iCM?

yep, that’s it, I imported my ratings, which I’ve always done with no problems before

Alright, then I understand what you did.
You said “I don’t think that’s been added”. Did you check the individual movie-pages of movies that you recently watched? Did you actually find movies that were not checked although they were in your IMDb-export? Or is it just the checkcount on the top of the page (next to your username) that is not updating?

Just the check count didn’t update

So it’s the same as we discussed in this topic, only you just have the problem after importing checks. Weird. Anyone else with this problem?

The title of this topic is very misleading, btw. This problem has nothing to do with lists as far as I understand.

Is the new title accurate? That’s how I understand the problem.

Yes is the same as that topic. my imdb checks (8,559 total) are not the same as I check movies overall number (17,056) as I don’t always check shorts and never tv shows or individual episodes on imdb.