Total Checked Movies Count is Wrong

The total number of films iCheckMovies shows that I have checked is displayed next to my user name as Simba63 (7,887). When I export my checks I get 7,891. I keep this account synced to IMDb which shows a total of 7,891. When I import IMDb I still get an incorrect total of 7,887. Why is the count off by 4?

I see a difference at my account as well. Next to my username it says 11,516. When I go to checked movies, it says 11,517 at the bottom. Exporting gives me a file with 11,517 titles.

The count next to the username is still updating immediately after checking, so it’s not an issue of delay of update.

Your right. I’ve checked 3 more titles since the original post and it update the total number. Your base is off by 1 and mine is remaining off by 4. Thanks for verifying this is affecting you too.


Same for me. I keep my own off-line file as well and there I have 2941 movies, but only shows 2940. I think this difference only started very recently…

Since posting this I checked two movies. The number next to my username now says 11,514, so two less!! The number at the bottom of my checks-page correctly says 11,519. This is weird…

This is weird, but at least when I look at my count next to my username it has always been consistently off by 4. I hope this is an easy fix and will be taken care of soon. I’m constantly referring to this number as I crosscheck against IMDb and Letterboxd.

For me it is getting worse. I have 2941 checked movies. But I also have different tabs open, all with different counts: one with 2940 (main page - old design and also progress page - old design), one with 2939 (another progress page - old design) and one with 2937 (a movie page - new design)!

@Marijn: Time for you to see what’s going on.

Now mine has changed and I’m off by 8.

I’m looking into it

I’m having issues as well since the last couple days. My counter is stuck at 5007. When I check a movie the counter seems to work fine but when I get out of the page and come back later the counter has reverted back to that number again.

I think I found and fixed the issue. Please let me know here if you’re still having it.

Still off for me. It’s counting down. My total checks actually went 4 up since last time, but the number next to my name went down by 4.

It should be fixed for real now :slight_smile:

Looks right for me now. Thanks Marijn!

Indeed. Fixed now. Thanks!


I’ve been experiencing this issue for a couple of days now. It says “Harco (4,716)” on the top-right and on my profile page. But when I click on the number of checks on my profile page and scroll all the way down, I see “Showing items 1 – 25 of 4717”.

Marijn, I just checked and it’s still off by one. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this.

This is definitely still broken, all checked counts are off by 1. There are 25 listings per page on your All Checked paged except the very last page. Quick way is to multiple 25 by the number of pages of listings you have, then add the final page to get your true total. Your total next to your name will be this number +1 (e.g. I have 44 pages on the Your Checked Movies page, that’s 43*25 = 1075 films + however many rows are on my final page 44 of 44 - in my case it is 10 moves so my total is 1085 checks meanwhile the number by my username is 1086)

It’s not off for everyone, though. I just doublechecked my own account, and the count is accurate at 7120. That’s the number displayed on my Dashboard and profile page, as well as at the bottom of my All Checked page. It’s also adds up manually (284 pages x 25 films + 20 films on the 285th page = 7100 + 25 = 7120).

Why it’s correct for some people and not for others, though, remains a mystery.

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