Posters not displaying

When using the “Request poster update” on some films, the poster does not display, resulting in a blank space on the current design or just some text on the new design.


This bug should be fixed. If the incorrect poster is still displayed, try requesting another update. It’ll go through then…

That seems to have succesfully fixed the issue for the “large” cover images, but the “medium” cover images still don’t seem to be there. e.g. when I go to the following page, there’s still text where the image should be.

Not fixed here:

I have tried to add the poster but no luck so far:

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Request poster update doesn’t work at all for me at the moment.

Something seems to have been imported, since the poster is embeded on this page, but it doesn’t display on the site.

I’m guessing it’s supposed to import the large version and then rescale it for small and medium, but that part isn’t working. Maybe @Marijn can shed some light on the matter.

Or is it just me.

For example Cinematerial has the poster for KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD but the poster won’t appear after I request an update on the beta.

Shoot! There already is a topic about this, sorry guys!

No problem. I moved your posts.

There seems to be a problem with poster updating again.

Yes, sorry that’s my bad. Due to a number of changes to our backend for the new version, poster updates are not working at the moment. They will be back in a while.

Poster updating still doesn’t work and some newer film entries have totally broken posters that are just blank. Such as this one:

I’m complaining because ICM is one of the few services I actually (happily) pay for :slight_smile: I would love to see it function the way it used to. I loved adding missing posters etc in my spare time.

Bumping this thread because I also would like this fixed :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m working on it. I’ll update this thread when it’s fixed

Posters have been fixed!

Yay! Thanks.

Great, thanks, i’ve noticed that some of them have been switched for others versions which for some movies i wish the previous version stayed. Anyway, there’s still a small bug: when you go to the dashboard and see the last three movies you checked, their covers appears to be very large.

poster update function doesn’t work

Yeah, it has stopped working again…

Bumping this thread again to see this fixed!

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Please? Pretty please? :slight_smile:

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