Rankings update issues

overall rankings haven’t updated for a few days now (since the weekend?)

it’s also been at least a couple days since official list rankings have updated as well

overall ranking has updated (within last 24 hours)

This has happened again. It’s been over a week since overall rankings and individual list rankings have been updated.

i’m stuck at the bottom even after checking 4000 films :pensive: my awards showed up though :kissing_heart:

I think it should be updating every 24 hours, but the process is taking so long, it takes more than 24 hours for it to run. It has to update all official checks for all users.

Marijn said in the new design will be an almost instantaneously updating ranking. I hope he succeeds.

No, he said that once the new design is live he will work on the backend stuff and that once he’s done with that he hopes that the updates will be near instantaneous “but don’t pin me on it”.

I knew he shouldn’t have mentioned it… :wink:

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ok thanks i’ll try to be patient :blush:

Oops, I knew it was something like that, but I only remembered the part I wanted to remember. :blush:

Almost instantaneous would be nice.

Rankings have not moved in over a week. Most profiles were updated but it never finished.

Same as harrisos.

Rankings have not moved in individual lists. Rankings for overall users have also not moved.

I talked to joachimt on the other forum. He reckons it could be a bug.

Indeed, others around me have had an increase in the official watch count, but mine has remained the same. I’m guessing it’s alphabetical and it died before getting to me, Simba.

There have been some issues. Rankings should update tonight/tomorrow.

Awesome - thanks for kicking the tires!

Looks like it’s running again as the person behind me has increased by two. Hopefully, it will get all the way through and update the rankings.

Still haven’t been updated so it still aborts somewhat through.

It’s still running

And still in the process of running at the moment.

I never thought about it before, but is the reason why the rankings on iCM only update 2 or 3 times a week due to the fact that it takes the system a couple of days just to run through everyone’s profile?

It’s a wonder that it takes so long. I understand that it is an ever-increasing amount of data we are talking about but it is also a very simple operation that has to be performed. A simple comparison of data. I understand that it will take some time, but it taking days sounds like some database optimization can be done :slight_smile:

That said I have no problem with updating of top list checks taking a week as long as it does finish.

I second what Spaghetti_Hero has stated above. There must be some way to improve the process. Could the system maybe determine inactive users and skip past them or something?

It’s been 3 days since Marijn “kicked the tires”. If you’re reading this, Marijn, any chance of posting an estimate of when the updating should finish??