Ranks not updating

Not sure just how long it’s been because I don’t check my rankings that often but it’s been for at least 6 days because that’s when I completed the Leonard Maltin list, which hasn’t updated its rank to reflect this fact. Seems to be a problem across many (all?) lists for me, at least the ones I’ve checked. Not sure if this is an ongoing problem for others but it’s a bit of a nuisance.

Yes, I have noticed that too.

I think it is across all lists, and yeah, it’s a bit of a nuisance because I always enjoy refreshing the progress page and seeing how my rankings go up (or occasionally down).

The rankings just updated (some time during the past 10 hours).

Not sure why the system is taking a whole week to update. If I recall correctly, the same thing happened last week. Overnight updates might be a thing of the past.

I’m noticing the same :frowning:.

Me too. Seems to be no progress in the list ranks during the week (at least in the one that I follow).

I’m looking into it. It seems like some profiles do get updated.

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Yey mine was already updated! :slight_smile:

page 2 of FESPACO has issues - see hilite and immediately above and below

Hello. Can someone please check why in my friend’s profile https://www.icheckmovies.com/profiles/south_river_lord/ his top checks are not being considered? He currently ranks at [#164841] despite having checked over one thousand movies. However, only 11 top lists checks are being considered.

For example, his awards are fine, this only affects the rank.


Could be related to a bug reported by Ebbywebby. Maybe the checkcount of your friend is extremely far off compared to the discrepancies Ebbywebby found.

Ranking updates did work for me always since I joinde the website in May. However, since the website wasn’t reachable a couple of days ago they haven’t updated at all for me - although I did check a few movies.

I’ve been staying at the same general rank, and the ranks for the lists the films I checked were one did not update either.

I just got word of the admin and he says the process of updating the rankings is going very slow, but it is going at the moment. Last week he fixed a bug that the number of official checks for almost everyone on iCM was off. After the fix the numbers now seem to be correct, but the updating is going slow. Those two processes (numbers updating and rankings updating) are combined. He will try to detach the two, so the processes will run individually.

as for me the number of official checks is off (by one, but still off) and the ranks (overall rank and for official lists) have not been updating for I’d say a week. Hope everything gets right soon.

adding this to the thread :

Not working as intended, right (look at the official checks) ? :slight_smile: And it’s been this way for a solid week.

It seems that it is all solved!

My friend climbed +148.647 in the ranks, and even I increased 129 positions because of some official checks that were not being accounted for.

This is great! Thanks to the admin.

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Things looked good indeed two days ago but official checks are off again for me and ranks still update extremely slowly. It’d be great if we could have an update about what’s going on from an admin.

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I think we are pushing two weeks now since the rankings last updated.

Is this process now a manual one?

No, but I can’t easily figure out why it’s not working. I’m on it.


I’ve been looking at the ranks of the Doubling the Canon list over te last few days, and they are not updating anymore… probably since the time icm went offlline…?

Rankings do not update anymore, for a couple of days already. Can someone please have a look at this?