Will the classic site look still be available after the beta is complete?


Hello! Thanks for all the work you guys have done on this site!

I was just wondering if the classic look will still be available once the beta is done. A lot of effort is going into the beta and I don’t think it’s bad or anything, but I just happen to really like the classic style as it is.

It’s no big deal if not, but I thought I’d ask. This will remain my most used website either way.


Only Marijn can give the definite answer to this, but I doubt it will remain available. It would mean maintaining two different lay-outs, so extra work.

I’m glad you’ll stick with us either way! :slightly_smiling_face:


The classic look will no longer be available when we go live with the new one, sorry. It’s just too much work to maintain two versions.

But we listen to feedback, so if there’s something you’d like added to the new version, just post here: iCheckMovies vNext feedback


I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the non-beta for as long as it lasts. I like the simpler version as opposed to the current beta look.


I’m sorry you feel this way.

Is there anything you’d like to see changed in the new design? Constructive feedback is always welcomed :slight_smile:


For me, there’s too much going on in the beta. I like the simple look and that is enough for me to accomplish what I’m using the site for.


Entirely agreed. I know it goes against what every single website developer in history has ever thought, but I nearly always prefer simple. Flashy isn’t at all necessary for a site that is mostly about looking at lists.

But I won’t be leaving the site because of it. Just sulking. :confused:


A new design is always something people have to get used to. I’m well aware of that. But please help us make it better by giving feedback we can use. The new version is coming, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. We’ve always valued feedback from the community, so please help us make it more to your liking by leaving your feedback here or via the contact form. We really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I will say, as someone who likes simple looks and functionality, but appreciates nice design if it doesn’t get in the way; while I’m not a big fan of the current public beta I think the new tweaked version Marijn is working on is much better. It still looks more like the beta than the live version but it feels closer to the live version in usability. So there’s hope for those of us averse to change.


This is my opinion: K. I. S. S.


The best cure for aversion to change is getting younger. Everyone who tried it can attest.


That’s your version.


Just bring on the new design already, I can live with a few bugs :wink: eternal beta!